Thursday, 23 August 2012

How to Make a Crossword Cake


  1. I love a good boiled fruit cake, I could eat a spoonful or two of the mixture!! I am not a fan of peel but zest is OK. I love your puzzling cake, it looks fabulous, well done!!!

  2. Thanks so much Denise ... lovely launch, and the crossword cake was delish! I bought the 'Solving' book but will have to get you to autograph it some other time, as the queue was huge. Hope the books sell like hotcakes ;-) Karin

  3. Thank you Karin! I'm sorry you didn't get a signed book, I'm happy to sign them at the AGM next week :)

    60 books sold at the launch, which was really excellent - Paperchain were thrilled (as was I)!

    I will post pics of the launch etc soon, once I get them from my photographer (Dad).

  4. hey. thats an awesome cake.. seems delicious. would love it was solved .

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