Cryptic Class

Here is my set of tutorials on how to solve cryptic crosswords, in order. Each post has explanations of how the clue device works, with examples, and clues for you to solve, along with answers.

It's probably best to follow them in order if you're completely new to cryptics, otherwise, just dip into them as you like.

Cryptic crossword from a newspaper

For a more thorough education in how to solve cryptic crosswords, I can recommend my book Solving Cryptic Crosswords For Dummies  :)


  1. How delighted I am to find another yarn and puzzle enthusiast! Brilliant! Hello!

  2. Hi, yes me too. I am a bit of a cryptic crossword tragic. I was beguiled by a fellow i worked for when i was 18. He'd walk around all day with the paper neatly folded to display the cryptic. I'd get him to explain occasionally but I was never really satisfied with the answers until one day I got one clue out by myself...
    Cheers all, Brian
    btw, the CapitalCity in my email is Canberra....

  3. This is really helpful! Thank you!


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