Wednesday, 2 July 2014

25 Worst Spelling Words


  1. I finally learnt how to spell Minuscule because of the French animated TV series. and I do that thing of pronouncing it as spelt when I'm trying to spell a word, or thinking of another form of the word - minus is spelt with a 'u', so minuscule is. cartilaginous is spelt with an 'a', so cartilage is.
    and the fyoosha is named after a guy called Fuchs, so should actually be pronounced Fuksya, but understandably isn't :-)
    I still struggle with sodding fluorescent jackets. maybe I can break it into Flu? or Escent?...

    1. I learnt to spell Minuscule from that show too Deb! LOL.
      Pity about the proper pronunciation of fuchsia ... ah well!
      Yeah, flu-or-escent would work. I might use that too!

  2. Hi Denise

    Also, yacht and rhythm. These are words I still chant in my head, letter by letter, despite having learnt to write them 40+ years ago ;-)

    I was very embarrassed to discover a couple of years ago that I'd written 'dessicated' instead of 'desiccated' in a couple of spots on my food blog. Whoops. Lucky I don't have many readers ... or many readers who are editors ...!

    Cheers, Karin

    1. Desiccated / dessicated is a mistake I've made frequently too! And yes, yacht and rhythm nearly made it to the list!


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