Monday, 30 June 2014

Nixie Clues #4 - Answers

And now for the big reveal — answers, with explanations, for the latest set of clues. The definitions are underlined.

1. Shame about poison for humans (4,7) = HOMO SAPIENS. Anagram (indicated by about) of SHAME + POISON.

2. Row of bushes missing first side (4) = EDGE. This is a deletion clue. Row of bushes = HEDGE. Missing first = remove the first letter (H). Which leaves you EDGE.

3. Citrus Mole misbehaving in post office (6) = POMELO. An anagram, indicated by misbehaving. The fodder is MOLE + PO (for post office). 

4. American city’s sample of  tomahawks (5) = OMAHA. A hidden word clue, indicated by sample of. It's in clear view, inside tomahawks.

5. Khan plays test in Uzbek capital (8) = TASHKENT. An anagram (indicated by plays) of KHAN + TEST.

6. Adhesive from grated tapes (5) = PASTE. An anagram (grated) of TAPES.

How did you get on?

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