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Gemini Cryptic 7014

Here is my analysis of the Gemini Cryptic Crossword from Monday 16 June edition of The Canberra Times. The definition is underlined (except in cryptic definition and double definition clues).

Cryptic crosswordACROSS

1. Philanthropists throwing coins in the water? (4-7) WELL-WISHERS
Cryptic definition.

9. A support this returned is appropriate (7) = APROPOS
A charade clue with a reversal — A + PROP (support) + OS (this returned = SO reversed).

10. A moss-strewn island of Greece (5) = SAMOS
Anagram (strewn) of a moss.

11. Misfortunes we keep well away from (4) = ILLS
Cryptic definition. We keep well by staying away from ills!

12. Agreeable countryman about fifty (8) = PLEASANT
Container clue — PEASANT (countryman) gets put about (or around) L (fifty, in Roman numerals).

14. Take some back to quarters (6) = ENTRAP
Reversal and charade. Some (PART) goes back to become TRAP. And it also goes on the back of quarters = EN (east and north).

16. Very much the opposite (6) = LITTLE
Cryptic definition. The opposite of very much.

18. Agree to fight the case (8) = MATCHBOX
Charade. Agree can be a verb meaning MATCH, and fight = BOX (also as a verb).

19. Prune spruce (4) = TRIM
Double definition. They're not really completely different meanings of the word, though.

22. Find answer to love's torment (5) = SOLVE
Anagram of loves, indicated by torment.

23. Little Sarah always gets in a few (7) = SEVERAL
Container. A little or short version of Sarah = SAL (although I don't know of any Sarahs who use Sal as a nickname — I've always thought Sal as a short version of Sally. Anyway. I'm sure they exist somewhere!) So, always gets in means EVER is put inside SAL. SEVERAL.

24. Giveaway merchants who don't want custom? (4,7) = FREE TRADERS
Cryptic definition.


2. Record membership (5) = ENROL
Double definition, of sorts.

3. They may part with a smile (4) = LIPS
Cryptic definition.

4. Offence committed in sunlit setting (6) = INSULT
Anagram of sunlit, indicated by setting.

5. I can ship out from Spain (8) = HISPANIC
Anagram of I can ship, indicated by out.

6. Fierce sheep starts to breathe heavily (7) = RAMPANT
Charade. RAM = sheep, and PANT = starts to breathe heavily.

7. For him it's mostly filling in time at work (11) = TAXIDERMIST
Cryptic definition. These can be hard to get until you have more letters filled in, in the grid.

8. Mother sails out in signs of similar weather (11) = ISOTHERMALS
Anagram of mother sails, indicated by out.

13. Fabric obtained for ready money only (8) = CASHMERE
Charade. CASH (ready money) + MERE (only).

15. In France you change later for protection (7) = TUTELAR
Charade + anagram. You, in France = TU. An anagram of later (indicated by change) = TELAR. I wasn't familiar with this word: TUTELAR is an adjective meaning 'serving as a protector, guardian or patron'. I'm not sure the form of the word protection is strictly correct here, as that's the noun form, and strictly speaking, it ought to be an adjective, the same as the answer.

17. Cat lands us in more trouble (6) = MOUSER
Container + anagram. Put us inside (in) an anagram (trouble) of more.

20. Two kings embracing are not seen so often (5) = RARER
Container. Two kings indicates two abbreviations for kings, R (Latin for king = Rex), in this case. And they're embracing, or going around, are, which is in the clear = R(ARE)R.

21. Keen to upset a singer (4) = AVID
Reversal. A singer might be a DIVA. And when upset, or reversed, this gives us AVID.

How did you get on?

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