Saturday, 4 January 2014

Centennial Winners

Happy New Year all!

I'm pleased to announce the winners of the last cryptic clue writing competition, for the word CENTENNIAL.

First prize: For the hundredth time Len, nice tan job (GrizNHeph) — A lovely concise clue, with LEN NICE TAN as the anagram fodder, and job as the anagram indicator.

Second prize: Celebrate one hundred years by shaking 50 Romans in canteen (sandbox74)— an anagram of 50 Romans (L) with IN CANTEEN, indicated by shaking.

Third prize: CNN late in e-broadcast, spoil 100th year anniversary (Asuquo) — an anagram of CNN LATE IN E. Broadcast and spoil could be the anagram indicators (although only one is needed).

I know that sandbox74 and Asuquo are both outside of the regions where I can gift apps, sorry people ... but you can have that peaceful inner glow and smugness of knowing you did good  ;)

GrizNHeph, drop me an email to let me know where you live, and hopefully I can send an app to you!

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