Friday, 8 November 2013

Nixie Clues #2

Some new clues for you to try!
1) Following Albert to the side (7)
2) Romeo left weird herbalists’ institute (9)
3) Greek character is against red Italian wine (7)
4) Flower occurs randomly (6)
5) Beyond a minor role (5)
6) Clever and dynamic mediator heads off (6)

If you'd like to get my Nixie cryptics on a regular basis, I publish a new cryptic every fortnight (2 weeks) over at the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency. There's a special deal on at the moment, use the code NIXIE in checkout to get a 10% discount on membership.


  1. 1, 3 and 4 came straight out. I have an answer to 5 but am not sure that it is correct. Baffled by 2 and 6 at the moment and will need to lubricate my brain with a Scotch.

    1. An appropriate course of action :)

    2. I think I have them all now (possibly not 5 tho'). Starting letters: l, e, c, c, a, a. Ending letters: l, h, i, s, t, t.

    3. I think you got them all right except for #5 ... which goes e....a


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