Thursday, 7 November 2013

Announcing the Winners to Comp #2

Well, I gotta say guys, I'm impressed! Those were a good bunch of clue entries, and it was tricky to select the three prize winners. But with the help of my friend the Puzzle Wizard (thanks Greg!), I've settled on three winners for this clue competition.

Griff's impressed too ...

As you'll all recall, the competition was for an anagram clue for the word INTERCHANGE.

1st Prize: Tech grannie flipped switch (Mike Weepie)
Switch is the definition in this clue, and the wordplay is an anagram (indicated by flipped) of tech grannie. Great mental image, too! I wonder if she works as a DJ ... or an electrical engineer perhaps?

2nd Prize: Bizarre etching near confluence of highway (Norm H)
Confluence of highways is the definition, the anagram indicator is bizarre, and the anagram fodder is  etching near. I wonder if the etching is evidence of aliens?!

3rd Prize: Cloverleaf in modified gene chart (Len Elliott — who was a prize winner in my first clue comp!)
Cloverleaf is the definition, and modified is the anagram indicator, working on in gene chart.  I just just imagine the surprise on the geneticist's face when seeing their test results!

Honourable mentions to Peter Pond, who submitted a great deal of good entries, Golem for his 'Switch gear with ten-inch shift' clue, and the anonymous entry 'Chart engine off switch'.

Mike, Norm, and Len, please email me on to discuss prizes!

Thank you everyone who entered, I hope you enjoyed the writing process — I certainly enjoyed seeing the fruits of your labours!

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