Monday, 14 October 2013

Nixie Answers, Set 1

Here are the answers to the first set of Nixie cryptic clues:

1) Gulps down birds (8) = SWALLOWS. Double definition (gulps down + birds).

2) Worker has loud grievance (4) = BEEF. Charade of BEE (worker) + F (loud). A 'beef' is an informal word for 'complaint'.

3) Endless blaze leaves a tree (3) = FIR. A deletion clue; take FIRE (blaze) and remove its end (last letter) to get FIR, a type of tree.

4) Relation at the ABC? (6) = AUNTIE. Cryptic definition; Aunty ABC (and Aunty BBC) is the informal nickname for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

5) Mourn appropriately if making livery (7) = UNIFORM. Anagram of mourn if. The anagram indicator here here appropriately. Livery is a type of uniform.

6) Cable tram stuffed with unrestrained glee (8) = TELEGRAM (a cable). Container ... TRAM with an anagram (unrestrained) of GLEE.

7) Émigré Patrick went after former wife (5) = EXPAT. PAT (Patrick) goes after EX (former wife).

Congrats to Peter and Cliff, who nutted them out!


  1. Thank you for a good mix of clues - some quite easy and some that one had to think about.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed them Peter! I'd better write a new batch now :)


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