Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Nixie cryptics

I'm very happy to announce that I am now the regular cryptic setter for the Australian Clue Detective Puzzle Agency. They will be publishing one of my Nixie cryptic crosswords every fortnight, and I will be writing for their blog now and then. This is currently the only way to get my very latest cryptic crosswords on a regular basis.

Membership to The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is by annual subscription. There is a special deal on at the moment, until the end of August, if you're interested in signing up. They have a range of other sorts of puzzles, including clueless crosswords.

Under The Sea II by Sir Joseph Noel Patton

Why am I writing under the cryptic setter name Nixie? Firstly, a nixie is a bit of a bad and naughty fairy, liable to trick humans (What?!) ... and is female (women cryptic setters are rare) ... and Nixie is also close to my family nickname. So it seems apt to me!

Hope to see you over there  :)

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