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Gemini 6700

This is the Gemini Cryptic from The Canberra Times of 6 August 2013. A quick reminder that this cryptic is from the UK (and isn't Australian).

I'm trying a new thing here — I'll put the answer in white text within square brackets, and you can reveal it by selecting it. Give it a try --> [Peek-a-boo!]. This way you can have a good try of solving the clue without seeing the answer.

So that you can have a chance at solving them, I won't underline the answer, and the 'description' after each clue is more of a set of hints, not a complete reveal. Hopefully this will be more fun for you!

So, on with the clues! After yet another dose of CutePuppy™ from Griff.


1) It's eaten with cream (7) = [CRACKER]
Cryptic definition. A UK-centric clue, so dig out your list of British foods, and think of water biscuits.

5) Balance between September and October (50) = [LIBRA]
A zodiac clue! Cryptic definition.

8) They filled up a form at the same time (13) = [SCHOOLFELLOWS]
Another cryptic definition, and another rather British term, think of students.

9) He is finally snookered in return (5) = [DEREK]
In return in this case indicates a hidden and reversed word. The definition he is very broad!

10) Article reviewing performance of music (7) = [RECITAL]
Anagram clue, performance of music is the definition. Reviewing is the anagram indicator.

11) &&&&&& (Food for thought here) (6) = [VIANDS]
A very clever clue! Think of Roman numerals, and what the &&&&&& are literally ... food is the definition.

15) Perplex with a minus sign? (7) = [NONPLUS]
Another cryptic definition. Perplex is the definition. What's the opposite of a plus sign?

17) Outstanding features of space (5) = [CAPES]
This is an anagram clue, features of is the indicator. I'm really not sure about the definition, though, rather oblique. Definition harks to geographical features.

19) Answer the medium hopes to get at a seance (8,5) = [SPIRITED REPLY]
Yet another cryptic definition clue! There's a lot in this one! The printed crossword has a word missing (the 'at' highlighted above). Think of ghostly voices and spirits.

20) A street in New York that's unpleasant (5) = [NASTY]
Nice little container clue, with two abbreviations. Unpleasant is the definition.

21) Justify being wrongly severed (7) = [DESERVE]
Another anagram, wrongly is the indicator.


1) Examined closely and put into a box (5) = [CASED]
A double definition clue.

2) A pointedly obdurate comparison (2,4,2,5) = [AS HARD AS NAILS]
Another cryptic definition clue. Both the 2-letter words are AS.

3) Thumped in an attempt to gain an admission? (7) = [KNOCKED]
Double definition clue.

4) Former arrangement to change for the better (6) = [REFORM]
Anagram clue. Change for the better is the definition.

5) Flower I telephone back about (5) = [LILAC]
Reversal and container clue. CALL some to telephone them ...

6) Absorbing news sheet sought before the ink is dry (8,5) = [BLOTTING PAPER]
Charade clue, kinda. The two words start with B and P.

7) Sailors love to skylark, it's clear (7) = [ABSOLVE]
Charade clue, with an abbreviation + a little anagram. Clear is a verb, not an adjective!

11) Meat stewed in ovens (7) = [VENISON]
Anagram, indicated by stewed.

13) Registers the best performances (7) = [RECORDS]
Double definition; put a 'mental comma' after registers to see the two definitions.

14) Dances arranged to scale (6) = [ASCEND]
Another anagram clue, indicated by arranged.

16) Ordinary people have a bet about it (5) = [LAITY]
Another word for bet is LAY (as in 'She laid money on it'). Ordinary people is the definition.

18) Pen has the French way of writing (5) = [STYLE]
A charade clue; a pen = STY (not a writing implement).

How did you go?

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