Monday, 15 July 2013

Peep chirp chirp tweet

At the suggestion of dear Chris Coleman (my radio host on ABC Statewide Afternoons), I now have a Twitter account. My handle is @PuzzlingDenise.

I'm posting one cryptic clue a day. Plus occasional random content about indexing, funny things, and noms. Please follow me and tweet your solutions, if you're interested, and retweet my clues to your network  :)

You can blame Chris.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

CrypticGuide launches today!

I'm so happy to announce that our latest app, CrypticGuide, has been approved by Apple today, and is now available on the App Store!

CrypticGuide has a cryptic dictionary with over 6,900 entries in it, with cryptic synonyms, indicator words, abbreviations, and homophones.

So you can type in a word or short phrase from a cryptic clue, like 'see' - and the app will tell you that see can lead to the words ELY (a UK diocese, or see, name), LO, or VIDE (see in Latin); the abbreviations C (sounds like see), V, or VID (see in Latin again); it can indicate a container or hidden word wordplay device; and it's a homophone for sea! So this will hopefully help you a lot with cracking cryptic clues.

The app also has a wildcard search for filling in gaps in the grid you really can't get out, and an anagram solver, which brings up exact anagrams and subwords. Very helpful if you feel like getting a little cheaty in Scrabble®, Words With Friends, Boggle, or even Draw Something  ;)

You can choose between a full word list for the wildcard and anagram searches – which includes proper nouns and short phrases — or you can use the 'word game' list which is approved for use in games like Scrabble®.

As you can see, it works beautifully on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches ... and you can change the colour theme. If orange isn't your thing, maybe blue, or grey are!

My husband Ralph did the very complex programming involved in making my idea from May last year actually come into existence. And I've spent untold hours compiling the cryptic dictionary, putting together the vast database, editing words lists, and creating the graphics for the app.

I must thank our awesome beta-testers, Karen McLoughlin, Peter Johnston, and Jenny Cox, for their help in checking the app. It was a long and often nit-picky job, and their help was invaluable.

You can check out CrypticGuide on the App Store, and read its User Guide on my website. Enjoy!