Monday, 15 April 2013

Crosswords For Kids

I'm very happy to announce our latest app: Crosswords For Kids! I noticed a while back that all of the crossword apps for children were aimed at the 5 year olds, with pictures of cats and cars and hats as clues. But what about all the kids older than 5 who like word games? Adult crosswords are too hard for them, but those little kiddie crosswords are way too easy.

Crosswords for Kids splash screen

Enter Crosswords For Kids. I wrote all of the crosswords in this app for kids around 10-13 years old (give or take a few years!). The clues are easier, and the vocabulary is easier. There are clues that mention Adventure Time, My Little Pony, The Simpson, Muppets, Harry Potter, and other 'pop culture' references.I even know adults who are enjoying solving these.

As with our other crossword apps, the interface is completely customisable. You can choose the colours of the background, grid, letters, and highlight. You can choose from five fonts. There are solving aids, too, like having incorrect letters show in red, which is very useful if you're just learning how to solve crosswords!
Crosswords for Kids screen

And yes, we are planning on producing more volumes of these crosswords. One friend's son solved six in one day, so I think I'd better get a wriggle on!

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