Sunday, 6 January 2013

Competition #1 Winners!

Wow, guys! What a great selection of cryptic clues you've sent in, I've really enjoyed reading all of them. I hope you've all had fun writing them too, and that you've got a bit of a taste for what cryptic clue writing entails  :)

My good friend and colleague Greg Parker (he of Puzzle Wizard fame) and I have discussed all your entries, and have agreed on the following winners:

Island weaves its charms (Len)
Christmas Island is the definition here, a really nice lateral take on the word Christmas! And the rest of the clue (weaves as the anagram indicator, and its charms as the fodder) just flows beautifully. Great job, Len.

Noel crashed Smith's car (Golem)
Noel is the definition, with a nice bit of ambiguity as to whether Noel is a holiday or a man's name.  Crashed is the anagram indicator, and Smith's car is the fodder. Really smooth surface reading.

March sits awkwardly as a time to celebrate (Des)
A time to celebrate is the definition. Awkwardly is the anagram indicator, and March sits is the fodder. Another good clean surface reading — good work!

Can you three please email me your postal addresses, and prize preferences (which I will try to take into account, if possible), so I can post out your prizes.

Thank you everyone who entered, you all did well. I will hold more of these clue writing competitions, as they're clearly popular, so stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations to the winners, and commiserations to the rest of us hankering for the hat ;-) Do let us know when your etsy shop is up and running. Oh, and merry new year, y'all!

    Cheers, Karin

    1. I have actually *created* the Etsy shop, now I need to put stuff up there, LOL. Slowly slowly ...


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