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Gemini 6361

This is the Gemini Cryptic from Friday 31 August's Canberra Times. And what a freezing cold snowy day it was! Best to be curled up inside with a hot cup of something and a nice cryptic to work out.

As usual, the definition is underlined, except in double definition and cryptic definition clues.


1. Has second thoughts about a hundred workers (7) = RECANTS
Charade. About = RE + a = A + hundred = C + workers = ANTS

5. Approaches a listener in two directions (5) = NEARS
A container clue. A listener = EAR, put in two directions (North and South) > N(EAR)S

8. Dead Roman exchanged for wife of Perseus (9) = ANDROMEDA
An anagram (exchanged) of dead Roman.

9. Left with a thousand to beat (3) = LAM
Charade. Left = L + a = A + thousand= M

10. They take turns on and off (4) = TAPS
Cryptic definition. Taps turn, and turn on and off ...

12. Plant it in haste (8) = CELERITY
Container. Put it in a plant (CELERY) - CELER(IT)Y

14. Display by top-class band (6) = AIRING
Charade clue. Top-class = AI (from A1, and the 1 looks like an upper case I) + band = RING (not a musical group!)

15. Published and is prosecuted (6) = ISSUED
Double definition, with some clever language abuse.  Published = ISSUED. And is prosecuted is also IS SUED (so therefore, ISSUED, groan  ;) Clever, though. Thanks to Peter Biddlecombe for revealing the "is sued" meaning of this clue to me, which I confess I had missed!

17. Sticking together he said no changes are needed (8) = ADHESION
Anagram of he said no, indicated by changes are needed

18. Ring maker (4) = BELL
Cryptic definition - a bell makes ringing sounds!

21. A religious palindrome (3) = NUN
Palindrome. Someone who is bound by monastic vows, such as a nun, is also known as 'a religious'. And nun is a palindrome, reading the same way in both directions!

22. It may help to rescue a country from mad policy (9) = DIPLOMACY
Anagram clue, which is unfair. There is no anagram indicator. The anagram fodder is mad policy, and the setter has used mad twice (what's called 'double duty') - as part of the fodder, and (unfairly) as the anagram indicator as well. A fairer clue would read along the lines of It may help to rescue a country from insanely mad policy, where insanely is the anagram indicator.

24. Cask Edward put into good order (5) = TUNED
Charade. A TUN is a large beer or wine cask. Add on ED for Edward, shortened.

25. He has something to say on the radio (7) = SPEAKER
Double definition. The first definition is He has something to say, and the second one is [something you can find] on the radio.


1. Respond - to an encore call? (5) = REACT
Double definition. The first definition is respond. The second one is a bit of language abuse, indicated by the question mark. If you get an encore, you might be being asked to act again, or RE-ACT.

2. Fish paid for at the door (3) = COD
Double definition. A COD is a type of fish, and C.O.D. is Cash On Delivery, or paid for at the door

3. Either way it's high time (4) = NOON
Palindrome. High noon!

4. Embarrassing moments in parts of the play (6) = SCENES
Double definition. The first definition is embarrassing moments, the second one is parts of the play

5. Possibly ten areas mostly in southwest Asia (4,4) = NEAR EAST
Anagram, indicated by possibly. The fodder is ten areas.

6. Not occupied? There's no hurry (2,7) = AT LEISURE
Double definition. I think these two definitions are really a bit too close in meaning, though, to be a good double definition clue.

7. Breed of dog that will change some day (7) = SAMOYED
Anagram, indicated by change. The fodder is some day.

11. Separate layer on ruined temple (9) = PARTHENON
Charade. Separate = PART + layer = HEN + on = ON

13. It could be indeed so unfair (3-5) = ONE-SIDED
Anagram of indeed so, indicated by it could be.

14. Opposed to making a profit. Good man! (7) = AGAINST
Charade. A profit = A GAIN + good man = ST (for saint). Ignore the punctuation!

16. Manages adequately round a bend in two-door cars (6) = COUPES
Container. Manages adequately = COPES. Put it round the letter U (a bend - a u-bend, like in a sink) = CO(U)PES

19. A better bed (5) = LAYER
Double definition, I think ... a better is someone who lays a bet, therefore a layer? Bit of language abuse there. And a bed can also be a layer (especially in geology).

20. Knows the sound of an organ (4) = NOSE
Homophone clue - the sound of 'knows' is the name of an organ.

23. Put a question like 'the capital of Kenya?' (3) = ASK
Charade. Like = AS + K (the capital [letter] of Kenya)

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