Saturday, 16 June 2012

Time for a little cheating

My Dummies Cheat Sheets are online at last, and this step really marks the absolute end of work on both books. These Cheat Sheets have some good basic tips on solving cryptics, so keep them bookmarked!

Solving Cryptic Crosswords For Dummies Cheat Sheet

  • Understanding Cryptic Clue Anatomy
  • Getting to Grips with Cryptic Devices
  • Tackling Abbreviations
  • Making a Start on a Cryptic Crossword
  • Reference List of Common Abbreviations
  • Spotting Indicator Words
In a brilliant display of canine reasoning, Petal and Griff have discovered how to travel overseas real cheap! It just might work ...  ;)

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  1. Oh Petal and Griff: have cuteness, will travel!!!


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