Friday, 25 May 2012

1 Across

I'm on holidays at the moment, hence the hiatus ... But as I sit here knitting by the fire at the delightful Huskisson B&B, I've remembered my 1 Across Beanie. It is a crossword beanie pattern I designed, which is published on the free online knitting magazine, Knitty.

So, if it's heading into winter where you live, as it is here in Australia, and you're a knitter, you might like to give it a whirl! There are a couple of design variations, and you can choose an American style crossword grid, or a British style grid.

My gorgeous daughter Jen is the model ... And yes, she's wearing a wig ;)

  2012 10:50 AM
1 Across on
1 Across on Ravelry
The Ravelry page has a smaller size variation, as the original design is rather large.


  1. Have a wonderful holiday. Are you on a ship again??

  2. Très chic! Jen makes it look so good!

  3. No, no cruise this time round, staying in a lovely Bed & Breakfast in Jervis Bay :)

    Yes, Jen is a gorgeous model, isn't she?!


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