Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nearly there!

The writing of both books is DONE, thank heavens. All that remains now is to proofread and make final corrections on the second book (Cryptic Crosswords For Dummies), which mainly involves checking all 56 of the crosswords yet again. I will only get a week to do this in, the proofs will probably arrive tomorrow.

So, in 4 months I wrote two whole Dummies books, with around 2,500 cryptic clues between them. If there's ever a Volume 2 of the crosswords, I definitely want more time! I can handle writing one cryptic a day – it's intense, but do-able ... more than that is dreadfully exhausting (I've been averaging 1.5 crosswords a day for the past several months).

Griff is glad I can leave my desk sometimes, now!

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  1. Well done, I hope there is a medal. Griff is so cute!!!


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