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Gemini 6235

OK, here we go!

Gemini Cryptic #6235
The Canberra Times, Friday 27 April 2012

Conventions used:

  • The definition is underlined
  • Clue words are set in italics
  • The answer is in CAPITAL letters
  • Indicators are written in brackets after the wordplay device name
  • The definitions in cryptic definition clues are not underlined, as the whole clue serves as the definition


1. Sharing out a bit of parsley, perhaps (7) = GARNISH
An anagram (out) of sharing

5. Cook beats a mixture (5) = BASTE
Eh, I suppose cook is bearable as a definition for "baste", but only just ... it's an anagram (mixture) of beats

8. A wildcat rising? (9) = REBELLION
Cryptic definition: a wildcat strike, or uprising, is a type of strike action taken by workers without trade union approval

9. A record height to climb (3) = ALP
Charade; A + LP (record)

10. But they could be even for the better (4) = ODDS
Cryptic definition, better as one who bets

12. It's held back in the race to beat one (8) = CHASTISE
Container (in) with reversal (held back) : it's reversed put in chase (race)
Don't think the definition is all that clear

14. A way to achieve a new spirit (6) = DISTIL
Cryptic definition, new spirit being alcohol, and not a psychological state!

15. Neglectful about a single one (6) = REMISS
Charade: about (RE) + a single one (MISS)

17. Mother is composing a line to the weatherman (8) = ISOTHERM
Anagram (composing) of mother is

18. Raw recruit found in ruins of Troy (4) = TYRO
Anagram (ruins) of Troy

21. First person Gregory takes to heart (3) = EGO
Hidden word (takes to heart) in Gr(ego)ry

22. Unwilling cattle run amok (9) = RELUCTANT
Anagram (amok) of cattle + run

24. It may be drawn or sucked up (5) = STRAW
Cryptic definition, alluding to drawing straws, or sucking on a straw

25. In France medic is ordered to treat such disease (7) = ENDEMIC
Charade: In, in French = EN, and an anagram (ordered) of medic


1. Actress's dress ring = GARBO
Charade: dress = GARB + ring = O

2. Cage component (3) = RIB
A cryptic definition clue, referring to rib cage

3. Lied in order to be lazy (4) = IDLE
An anagram (order) of lied

4. The full extent of the rise (6) = HEIGHT
Cryptic definition: what's the full measure of the rise?

5. Members of a musical group (8) = BANDSMEN
Sort of cryptic definition? Not frightfully cryptic, really, unless you can see some sort of cryptic device that I can't ... just reads as a straight definition to me!

6. The property of the firm (9) = STABILITY
Another cryptic definition, and firm is not a company!

7. Quick to speak (7) = EXPRESS
Double definition, quick and speak both being synonyms for the answer

11. Not to pay a cheque results in disgrace (9) = DISHONOUR
Double definition: not to pay a cheque, and disgrace

13. Recall having a tie (8) = WITHDRAW
Charade: having = WITH, tie = DRAW

14. Motoring clubs? (7) = DRIVERS
Cryptic definition (drivers being golfing clubs as well as those who drive cars)

16. Metal grating to cook eggs initially (6) = GRILLE
Charade: cook = GRILL + initial letter of eggs = E

19. Softly in the ear or in the eye (5) = OPTIC
Container: softly = P (for piano, in music) in OTIC (relating to the ear)

20. Sharp appearance of a police force (4) = ACID
Charade: a + C.I.D. (police force)

23. I am out to gain an objective (3) = AIM
Anagram (out) of I am

NB : I will be covering all the different sorts of wordplay found in cryptic clues in future tutorial posts on this blog

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