Tuesday, 24 January 2012

2 Down: Hot beverage

Is this the perfect teapot for me? Yes, yes it is ...

A Peter Cardew design from 2008. I managed to find the single stockist that still had them (in the States), they shipped it to a friend in the USA, and she shipped it on to me!

I especially love the fountain pen handle on the lid! And it pours very well.

Disappointingly, not all the words are tea-related, they've put a bunch of coffee words in there too! Clearly they didn't get a crossword setter in to help with the design ... but otherwise, it's great. I love that it's on a British grid, too, as most 'crossword-themed' paraphernalia seems to have American grids.

I've been rather silent of late, sorry, but work on the two Cryptic Crosswords For Dummies book is occupying all my time and brains. The first deadline has been met, for all the 'how to' chapters, and I'm now well into writing the puzzles for the books. I also have to stay on top of my syndicated puzzle commitments!