Friday, 14 October 2011

Who Am I?

Now that you've met the important people (Petal and Griff), I'll introduce myself ... I'm Denise Sutherland, I am a professional puzzle writer. I have studied biological sciences, and have a degree in graphic design. I am a trained indexer, too. 

Over the past ten years I have self-published about seven puzzle books, and have authored two books in the Dummies series: Word Searches For Dummies, and Cracking Codes and Cryptograms For Dummies (co-authored with Mark Koltko-Rivera), both for Wiley USA. I have also been technical editor on three Wiley puzzle books.

I am a syndicated puzzle writer, too, which means that I have an agent who sells (and hopefully resells) my regular puzzle series to a range of newspapers and magazines around Australia and beyond. My agent is Auspac Media.

 I live in Canberra, Australia with my my husband Dr R (an astrophysicist) and two grown-up kids, who are 20 and 22. My daughter Ms J (20) is a games programming student, and my son Mr R (22) is a glassmaker (artist). I love knitting, watercolour painting, gourmet cooking and reading murder mysteries (what else?!).

That's a very bare bones intro, but I'll flesh out the details in posts to come!


  1. Roxie sez
    Didn't you knit a crossword puzzle? Or was that something from a fevered dream?

  2. Oh yes indeed, I have several knitting crossword patterns, which I'll feature in a post soon!


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